Friday, February 13, 2015

Being human

I prayed to God to grant all my prayers
So that I can live a life without any struggle and care,
And I could become everything I ever wanted to be
So that I could elucidate to the world about success, you see.

As I look back I admire in glee
For having found that magical key,
I delight in bliss for becoming whatever I wanted to be
& suddenly I see my little grandson sitting next to me.

I asked, “Son! Why do you look so sad?”
He replied, “Oh grandpa! You will not be able to understand.”
I stood frozen on that warm sunny day,
I was so dumbstruck that there was nothing to say.

To stumble, to fall and sometimes to lose it all,
You might not like it but this is what makes you human afterall !

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