Friday, September 12, 2014

The Rose in My Balcony

A few months back, I bought a tiny rose plant from a nearby nursery. The plant looked really nice with blooming white flowers embellishing its exterior. I ordered a large ceramic pot to plant it. My domestic help who is deft in all these jobs planted it with great care. We then waited for it to grow & bloom.

However, as days passed by the plant started to wither. Its leaves started wilting & flowers started drooping. A few friends who I believe have a real flair for gardening said that it will take time but will eventually grow. A few weeks went by & I continued to water it every morning in the hope that a beautiful English rose plant will ornate my balcony one day. However, even after two months there was no sign of life in the plant. Alas! We had to declare it dead.
A few months later, I visited the nursery again & chanced upon the idea of buying another rose plant. I had that empty pot in my balcony & had been toying with the idea of growing a rose plant in my house since a long time. I was warned by my domestic help that it might still not grow this time. However, I still bought the plant & planted it with definite scepticism. I was convinced that it required extraordinary care to grow an English rose.
Days passed by and I continued watering the plant every day. Every passing day strengthened the confidence in me that this plant might just live. Finally after two weeks we saw new red leaves sprouting on the tender stem. And few days later a tiny bud appeared on the plant. The bud gradually matured into a beautiful pink English rose. A few days later another bud appeared and it also blossomed into a beautiful rose. Thus finally I could realize my wish of growing a beautiful English rose plant in my balcony.
The entire incident made me marvel at the amount of randomness in our lives and in this universe. I realized that things every so often happen or do not happen without any underlying reason and there is a large element of fluke in everything we do. Mathematics has defined this randomness through probability and its complicated equations. However, what bothers me is that so many wonderful things in this world would have been forsaken by seeing others fail. For instance, if that second rose plant would not have grown, I would have definitely given up.  

Therefore sometimes in life it is not about changing priorities and giving up, just trying one more time can make all the difference!
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